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Family Photo Memories


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Enjoy a collage of family pictures. The names of living family members will not have their names recorded with the pictures of them in this page. For those who have dial-up connection each photo shown will be in thumbnail presentation to keep the file size minimized for ease of downloading. Click on each thumbnail to view a larger picture.

The photos in this page cannot represent all family members unfortunately, but every effort will be made with the limited amount of photos that are available. This is an opportunity for family viewing this page to please forward new photos if you have some that you would like to share. From time to time the photos will be changed as new ones are received.



Note: Click on each thumbnail to view full size picture

Catharina Hagemann was the mother of Wilhelmine 'Minnie' Reinking. Catharina was born in 1836. It is not known exactly when this picture was taken, but a guess is it was taken in her later life in abt. 1905-1910. She died 1911. Catharina came from Württemberg, Germany. Her father was Christian Hagemann. 






Christian Heinrich Reinking was the father of Wilhelmine 'Minnie' Reinking. Christian was born 1835 in Evangelisch, Preußisch-Ströhen, Westfalen, Prueßen. It is believed that this photo was taken between the years of 1888 and 1892 approximately.





Living Herrmann. Photo taken abt. 2004-2006







Elizabeth Herrmann and Everett Wesly Jenkins. This picture was taken sometime in the early 1950's in southern California. Elizabeth was the daughter of Max Richard Herrmann and Eileen Lancaster






Hermann A. Reinking and Family. Picture was taken in 1935 on the Reinking farm in Preußisch-Ströhen, Germany.






Franz Friedrich Herrmann and Albert Heinrich Herrmann. The time that this photo was taken is unknown. A guess would be about 1915-1920 approximately.







Wilhelm and Paulina Schalo Reinking. Son of Christian and Katharina Reinking taken abt 1900 - 1910.







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Elizabeth (Herrmann) Jenkins and Living Greear (Herrmann). Taken abt. 2000-2003







Olga Threne Hansen and daughter Dorothy Gault - Herrmann with living daughter/sister. The photo was taken about in the early to mid 1940's.








Minnie Anna Stark - Westby. Photo taken about 1926-1928. Daughter of Wanda Herrmann and Hermann Stark








Everett Thomas Jenkins. b. May 29, 1948. d. August 19, 2010 son of Elizabeth (Herrmann) and Everett Wesly Jenkins.








Emil Franz Herrmann and Wilhelmine Reinking with grandchildren. This photo is rare as there are nearly no pictures of Emil and Minnie. Emil is the first Herrmann to the United States. This picture was taken only a few years prior to Emil's death, about 1906-1907.




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Wilhelm Herrmann, Living Herrmann, Joseph J. Bloom, Franz Herrmann, Margaret Ware - Herrmann taken about 1957.





Frank Carl Gores and Benjamin Friedrich Herrmann. Photo taken about 1916-1922







Linda Lu Herrmann was born 08 February 1952 and died 13 October 2005. She had a masters degree in Music and was a minister of music working in churches as her occupation.





L-R: Ben, Margaret, Frank, Gladys, Wanda, Carl, Frank G, Laura, Mary, Hermann. Photo taken in about the early to mid 1960's.





Victoria Elisabetha Antoinette Herrmann and Richard Sanger. This photo was taken about 1906-1908. The child is of Alwine Rosaline Martha Herrmann and Benjamin Sanger.






Wilhelm Johannes Franco Herrmann and Hermann Emil Stark. This photo was taken abt. 1915-1920. This is an estimate.






Reinking Farm in Minnesota. Picture has Wilhelm "Bill" Herrmann and Wilhelm "Bill" Reinking plus others of the Reinking family. Taken abt 1900-1910.





Ethel and Dale Burchett wedding with Bill and Minnie Cronkhite in attendance







Stark Family - This photo was taken between the years of 1907 - 1910. It was contributed by a living grandson.






Photo taken at Crooked Lake near the Herrmann farm in Anoka. Benjamin, his first wife, Max and Wilhelm Herrmann are standing in back row. The photo was taken perhaps in mid 1920's to early 1930's. The surrounding family is unknown.




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Living Cousins except two, Lorraine (Kujawski) Frances Herrmann on the right, and Linda Lu Herrmann in the middle. Photo was taken April 2003.





Minnie Anna Stark and Julius Oswald Westby. Taken about the 1940's.







Living Herrmann. Taken in 1950's.







Franz Friedrich Wilhelm Herrmann and Margaret Arvilla Ware with children.






Glatise Louella Dorothy Herrmann. Photo was taken abt. 1926-1928







Living Herrmann. Take abt 1999







L-R: Ted, Ben, Frank, Minnie, Al, Bill and Max Herrmann. This is a great photo of Wilhelmine 'Minnie' Reinking with her son's. Photo was taken approximately between 1929 to 1934.





Laura Sophia Wilhelmine Herrmann. Taken about the 1930's.





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Louis Friedrich Reinking and Lydia Modrow wedding. Taken abt late 1800's.







Franz Alex Max Herrmann. Photo taken 1906 at Max's wedding to Louisa Modrow. It is believed that Max's companion in the photo may have been one of Louisa Augusta Modrow's brothers. It is believe it may have been brother 'Emil Modrow.' 






Harvey Howard Herrmann with living Herrmann family. Photo taken about early to mid 1960's.






Reinking Farm Present Day. The Reinking farm was built in the 1700's and is still an active farm today in Preußisch-Ströhen, Westphalia, Germany. You can see the red roofed farm house in the distance. 



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Minnie Anna Stark - Westby with Living family members. Minnie was a child of Hermann Stark and Wanda Herrmann. Taken abt. 2003




Frank Schluck and Minnie Cronkhite with living children. Taken about the 1960's.





Laura, Art and Minnie Stark. Photo was taken about 1916 to 1920 time period.






Minnie (Stark) Wesby. Taken abt 2003-2007 daughter of Hermann Stark and Wanda Herrmann






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Living family. Children of Albert Herrmann and Nonie Cook. Taken about 1949







Living Herrmann Family. Photo taken in 2005. Children of Harvey Howard Herrmann.






Theodore Roosevelt Herrmann wedding with Franz Herrmann and Margaret Ware in attendance. Photo was taken about 1922 to 1927 approximately.






Living Herrmann Family. Taken about 2002






L-R: Hermann Stark, Wilhelm Herrmann, Benjamin Herrmann, Franz Herrmann, Frank Landers, Ted Herrmann, Lawrence Cronkhite. Photo taken at the Landers farm about the early 1930's.






Living Family. Daughter of Max Richard Herrmann and Eileen Lancaster with husband. Taken about the mid 1950's.






Living Herrmann family taken 2004





Mary Herrmann and Frank Gores with children. Taken about the 1960's.






Living Herrmann family. Taken about mid 1950's.






Frank Herrmann, Ben Herrmann, Ray Ware and Ted Herrmann. Taken in late 1940's to early 1950's.





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Leona and Vivian Boogaard. Taken abt 1940's-1950's.






Grave marker of Oma Minnie Herrmann (Wilhelmine Reinking)









Grave marker of Opa Emil Franz Herrmann






Minnie, Living Family, Gussie and Grandma Herrmann shortly before Grandma Herrmann's death. Photo was taken about mid 1930's.






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Wanda Herrmann, Nonie Cook, Laura Herrmann. Taken 1957.





Living Herrmann's with Linda Lu Herrmann. Taken 2004 in Seattle, Washington





Magdalena Esterlina Augusta Herrmann (Gussie). Taken about 1906-1908








Hermann Heinrich Reinking and Bertha Stark. Taken abt. 1895-1900.







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Living Newgard. Daughter of Glatise Herrmann. Taken abt 1950's?







Harvey Howard Herrmann b. May 23, 1925 d. January 1987 with Living Wife Herrmann.







Victoria Herrmann and Al Boogaard with family. Taken about late 1950's to early 1960's.






Lorraine Frances Kujawski - Herrmann. Taken about early 1940's.







Five generations of living Boogaard's and Geneva Boogaard. Taken 2004





Herrmann family picnic at Minnehaha Park. Taken 1941.







Alwine (Vina) Herrmann and her husband 'Doc'. Take abt 1960's.






Frank Herrmann and Benjamin Herrmann.Taken about 1920's.






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Wilhelm Johannes Franco Herrmann and Myrtle Paulson Wedding.







Harvey Howard Herrmann and Dorothy Gault - Herrmann with living sister. Taken about late 1960's to 1970's.







Living Herrmann family. Taken early 1990's.






Mae Landers, Living Landers, Laura Herrmann, Frank Landers. Taken about late 1940's.






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Lyle Herrmann. Taken about 1944 in the Navy.








Wilhelm Johannes Franco Herrmann and Wilhelm Reinking working on the farm. Taken abt. 1905-1910.







Living Greear (Herrmann) family.





Hermann Emil Stark and Wanda Rosalie Amalie Herrmann wedding. Taken 1904.







Clearance Stark. Son of Hermann Stark and Wanda Herrmann





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Jack Gault and Dorothy Gault- Herrmann. Taken about 1990's.







Louisa Augusta Modrow - Herrmann (Lizzy). Louisa was born 1884, she was the daughter of Gottlieb Johann August Modrow and Johanna Frank. Taken about 1906.






Geneva Boogaard. High School picture. Daughter of Victoria Herrmann and Al Boogaard.







Elizabeth Jenkins- Herrmann with Everett Thomas Jenkins and Living Children with brother Herrmann. Taken 1998.






Living Herrmann's. Taken about 2002






Sandra Eillen Herrmann, b. July 28, 1941 Minneapolis, MN and died February 15, 2015, Everett, Washington. Taken about 2003






Myrtle, Living Herrmann, Wilhelm Herrmann. Taken about mid 1970's.





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Benjamin Friedrich Herrmann and Ella Hansen Orum wedding. Taken 1939






Living Herrmann's. Taken 2004






Living Herrmann. Taken 1966





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Living Herrmann family and Dorothy Gault - Herrmann. Taken 2004





Living Herrmann, Eileen Lancaster -Herrmann, Living Herrmann, Max Richard Herrmann. Photo was taken in the early 1960's.





Christian and Sophia Reinking. Take abt 1900.









Victoria Elisabetha Anitonette Herrmann and Albert Uit Den Boogaard wedding, 1908. In attendance is Magdalena Esterlina Augusta Herrmann and Lawrence Cronkhite.







Maria Magdalena Katharina Herrmann and Linda Lu Herrmann. Taken about 1970's.






Max Richard Herrmann taken about 1921-1922 at his confirmation.








Living Herrmann. Taken 2004 at wedding.







Living Herrmann's taken 2004 at family reunion.






Franz Alex Max Herrmann and Louisa Augusta Modrow wedding. Taken 1906






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Olga Threne Hansen - Herrmann. Taken abt 1940's.







Franz Friedrich Wilhelm Herrmann and Margaret Arvilla Ware marriage. Taken 1923.








Benjamin Friedrich Herrmann and daughter Linda Lu Herrmann. Taken about late 1960's.







Nonie Cook and Albert Heinrich Wilhelm Herrmann. Taken about 1950's.






Wilhelm Johannes Franz Herrmann and Mable Marie Bergeron. Taken about 1915.






Laura Sophia Wilhelmine Herrmann and Frank Landers. This photo was taken in about the mid 1930's at the Lander farm.









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