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Welcome to our family homepage. We would like to share with you our family story and we invite you to share your family stories with us.

Statement of Intention

Living family members will not be entered in this account, but those who are deceased and have gone on to be with our Lord will be listed in this web site. 

It is not the intent to misrepresent anyone, or any family. The intention of this website is to try and publish family genealogies of various families to the best and most exact possible way as data is found and received from various families, so that we can find, or at least help guide us, in finding our personal family ancestries and heritages. As with all large families there will most certainly be errors in the data, but every effort has been made to be as exact as possible. It is regrettable if any family member has been left out by mistake, or if a mistake in data that would misrepresent the family line. If this occurs, the error will be corrected as soon as the correct data is received. Genealogical documents are unusual because they are living documents. They are continually growing and ever changing and expanding. It is no different In this family account.

Website navigation and personal thanks to contributors

Located in the left column are tabs that may be opened to search family lines, photo's and other interesting family facts including German food recipes. In the Family Web Sites section you are invited to share your stories and correspondence. You can send genealogy data corrections directly to the webmaster.

In the Genealogy News section, the latest genealogy findings, rumors and tidbits will be posted when/if they become available.

Many family members and friends have contributed to the genealogical data provided in this website which is so much appreciated, but a special note of thanks goes out to Linda Herrmann and and to Michael Dörr. These have spent many hours viewing film and researching historical data in support of putting this information together. Linda Herrmann passed away October 13, 2005. Michael is still going strong in his home of central Germany with his beloved friend and dog, Timmy. Also, so many friends, acquaintances, and family, have contributed personal information, pictures and much more. THANK YOU ALL!! 

A Personal Note/Eine Persönliche Note

Our ancestors help form the very face of Europe as we know it today. They brought with them their faith, work ethic, abilities, music and love to this country which help guide us as we raise our families and contribute in the community around us. My personal wish and hope is that the young one's will not forget their origins.



Richard Herrmann



(Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden)

Views of Deutschland and England


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