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Magdalena Esterlina Augusta Herrmann married Lawrence Lee Cronkhite 28 October 1908 in Anoka, Minnesota son of Daniel Cronkhite and Ida Green. He was born 28 October 1886 in Douglas Township, Bremer County, Waverly Iowa and died 21 October 1947 in St. Barnabas Hospital, Minneapolis, Minnesota.



Children of Magdalena Herrmann and Lawrence Cronkhite


1. Minnie May Cronkhite was born 10 October 1909 in Anoka, Minnesota and died 09 January 2000 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She married Frank Schluck 09 February 1933. He was born 09 August 1905 in Brown County, New Ulm, Minnesota and died 17 July 1999 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Minne Cronkhite and Frank Schluck had three living children




2. Ethel Louise Cronkhite was born 03 February 1911 in Brainerd, Minnesota and died 04 September 1948 and is buried in Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota. She married Dale Burchett. He is buried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Minnesota.

Ethel Cronkhite and Dale Burchett had one living child.




3. William Delbert Cronkhite was born 19 October 1914 in Anoka, Minnesota and died September 1999 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He married Lois Harriet Sheridan 01 January 1944.

Baptism: 21 January 1915

Burial: Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota

William Cronkhite and Lois Sheridan had two living children


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