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Wilhelm Johannes Franz Herrmann married (1) Mable Marie Bergeron 08 December 1915 daughter of Francis Bergeron and Mary Reinwand. She was born 13 March 1894 in Anoka, Minnesota and died in Anoka, Minnesota. Cause of death was Tuberculosis. They were married at 'Minister of the People.'

Wilhelm Herrmann and Mable Bergeron had no children



Wilhelm Johannes Franz Herrmann married (2) Myrtle Paulson 17 May 1924. They were married in Minneapolis, Minnesota.





Children of Wilhelm Herrmann and Myrtle Paulson


1. Living child married (1) Living spouse. (2) Living spouse. Living child and Living spouse (1) had two living children.



2. Living child married Joseph J. Bloom was born 28 September 1928 and died 21 January 2003. They were married 29 May 1953.  Living child and Joseph Bloom had two living children.


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